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The vision of the Triauric Foundation is to build authentic relationships within the community through filmmaking by creating a diverse and inclusive environment for storytelling and imagination to take flight.

Mission Statement

The mission of Triauric Foundation is to inspire The community through filmmaking and other motivational tools. Educate through workshops and seminars designed to teach creative individuals how to monetize their gifts and provide hands-on experience on accredited film productions.

Finally, with a resume built and all the tools needed to succeed in their given career path, we will activate the members to make their mark on the world


Get On The Bus

The get bus initiative is a mobile production studio that travels to different high schools throughout the city, exposing students to the various career paths available within the film industry. Through this initiative, students will experience the production and post-production process and have fun and engaging away!

For more information on signing up for a bus to your school, please get in touchwith us.

Triauric Film Intensive

This 18-day film intensive is designed to take students from script to screen and everything. Using the standard three-act Hollywood movie structure, students learn to transform their ideas and stories into short-form fiction screenplays and professionally produce, shoot, and edit their films with state-of-the-art film and digital production equipment. This course is designed for aspiring producers, directors, assistants, and actors. The next intensive will be in July 2023

Emerging Artist Grant
(Submissions open June 1, 2023)

The emerging artist grant is awarded twice yearly to rising artists in Film, Television, photography, theatre, hairstylist, wardrobe,
and makeup, and the visual arts. Artists will receive a monetary award of $250 for purchasing supplies and covering other
development costs. Application open June 1, 2023 Submissions open June 1, 2023

Film Intensive Student Pieces

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